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STRENGTH: Texas State Optical evolves along with field of optometry

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Dr. Barry Davis has been around long enough to see the changes his profession has went through in the practice of eyecare.

Optometry has gone from the practice of prescribing and fitting glasses to one that also includes diagnostic and therapeutic services. Dr. Davis says, with the exception of surgery, optometrists can do nearly everything ophthalmologists can do. The profession has evolved significantly over the years, and Dr. Davis and Texas State Optical have evolved with it.

“I was around when optometry really began to change its scope of practice,” he said. “In the early days when I first got out of school, we examined eyes, we fit glasses and we fit contacts.”

The field now has many advances in technology to technology to further enhance the ability to care for patients’ vision and eye health.

Pam Housley, the general manager for TSO at 3429 Twin City Highway and 8700 Central Mall drive, has been with TSO for 35 years and has seen the progress optometry has gone through.

“Now when the optometrist goes to school, they learn therapeutics and have a greater knowledge of pathology,” Housley said. “They can prescribe medications, which years ago they could not do. The field of optometry is progressing rapidly.”

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